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  • 11th June 2012

    Everything is rushing past so fast! Nigellissima - the book - has now been put to bed and we start filming Nigellissima - the series - today. I am a bundle of nerves and excitement, but that's how it should be. You can see me proudly presiding over my new studio kitchen in the picture here, and it won't have escaped my regulars that it looks exactly as if I am in my own kitchen at home. I'll explain why: I love my new kitchen (well, we moved about a year and a half ago now) and would have loved to have filmed in it. But with one child doing GCSEs this year, another AS exams and yet another A levels, it would not have been a good idea - or even possible. So we have built a copy of my kitchen on set, and it feels just like home. This is not just because I've got my crew family around me (and there is a room for the children to come and revise in) but because I have filled my  even newer new kitchen with all my clutter, those bits and pieces I've accrued over the ages.

    Besides, wherever I cook, becomes my home. And that, more than anything else, is what matters....


    Posted by Nigella on the 11th Jun 2012