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  • 15th February 2012

    I have just opened my fridge and seen that for some reason I have two chickens in it. Now, that wouldn't be something I'd even think of remarking on if it weren't for the fact that  the day before yesterday I roasted a chicken, and a couple of days before that we had chicken as well. Actually, one of the reasons I don't always tweet every meal is that chicken features so often it would look as if I were sending the same picture over and over (as happened yesterday on Twitter through no actual fault of my own, I should add!) but anyway, the prospect of a chicken for lunch or supper is always a reassuring one. And for me and mine, nothing is more comforting than a fragrant, if unphotogenic, bowlful of My Mother's Praised Chicken though I'm also having fun finding new ways of cooking the old bird.... I've been cooking chicken for so long, I wouldn't have thought there were any new ways, but greed, like hope, springs eternal!


    Posted by Nigella on the 15th Feb 2012