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  • 15th November 2011


    This is a bit of a high-speed Witter or rather, Witter-in-Haste as I am leaving any minute for New York and my packing still lies in piles all around me. But before I gather together my essentials - passport, English mustard, Maldon salt, contact lenses - I want to tell you about a few changes. The first one has already been implemented - and I'm referring to Twitter here. We've always used Twitter to alert you to new postings on the site, but now I have been unleashed and am tweeting what I'm eating. I feel New York will provide rich inspiration on this count!  So: there's Witter and Twitter, and also a new feature in the form of Cookbook Corner. This is going in place of 'Nigella.com Loves' and will be a way of sharing my nearly 5,000 cookery book titles with you. Each week we'll scour the library, choose a book and select a recipe from it. This will start later this week. And don't worry about the loss of loves:  all new enthusiasms will be joyfully aired on Witter. I'm off to do my packing now. You will be hearing from me once I'm in New York....


    Posted by Nigella on the 15th Nov 2011