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  • 15th November 2012

    When I was in LA in September, I ate some Chez Pim saffron peach jam, and it was very, very happy-making. Who knew such joy could be magnified? But I have just been completely overwhelmed by a parcel of Chez Pim confitures. Although I have just had lunch, I'm afraid I had to toast a bagel, butter it and then gloop ruby splodges of Elephant Heart confiture on top. I had never come across Elephant Heart plums before, but the experience has not been wasted on me. Unfortunately, Chez Pim Confitures don't seem to be available outside of the States, but then it is because they are made in small batches, and so lovingly, that they are so good. But if you are lucky enough to live within shipping reach, I'd advise you to go to www.shop.chezpim.com instanter!


    Posted by Nigella on the 15th Nov 2012