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  • 17th January 2014

    I'm afraid this is a bit of a late start to the New Year, but I'm back from Spain and ready to potter about in the kitchen, while a new book simmers. I never quite know how long a book will take to 'cook': for me the process has to be organic; I feel my way through the recipes. In a way, the food I feel like eating becomes the book I write. Obviously, I have certain ideas, but I never like to talk about them: I like to find out which ones settle too insistently for me to ignore them before actually taking the plunge.
    Obviously, I realise how lucky I am: even were it not my job, I'd be thinking about food, cooking and eating it. How wonderful to be able to pretend I'm working, while simply - or, rather, profoundly - enjoying myself. And of course, one of the greatest pleasures for me, is that this constitutes a conversation with you. So please, do keep posting your recipes on nigella.com. I love reading them, and being able to share your food, just as I love sharing my food with you all.

    Posted by Nigella on the 17th Jan 2014