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  • 18th October 2012

    I seem to be making something of an App-assault at the moment: inspired by the recently launched Nigellissima app, I wanted to create my Quick Collection iPhone app for iPads, so that the lush food photography and recipes are even more kitchen-friendly.

    Exclusive to the iPad, the refurbed Quick Collection App has gorgeous full-screen recipe imagery optimised for the retina display screen, new bonus-recipes to unlock, a free recipe-of-the-month from me and a special Party Collection recipe bundle available to purchase.

    Smart, searchable (thank the techies, not me!) and equipped with video, audio, shopping-list and time-saving features, and designed to make the most of whatever's in your kitchen cupboards or the fridge, the Quick Collection has over 100 express-style recipes gathered from all my books, including 30 original app-only recipes to make your life easier and more delicious for those times when you need to hit the kitchen running.

    I always want to eat well, even when I'm short of time, and I'm sure you feel exactly the same way!

    I hope, too, you get as much fun out of using the app as I had making it.




    Posted by Nigella on the 18th Oct 2012