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  • 20th October 2011

    I have to say that dressing up as a witch doesn't stretch me on the wardrobe-front very much. Perhaps the overlap in my everyday dressing style and my Halloween costume should give me pause for thought! And I know I don't look as if I could get very far in my new-fangled rather than traditional-look broom, but I can get as far as the kitchen, which is where you can find me, happily cackling over my witchy treats.

    A quick raid on both Jane Asher's shop, always my first stop for cake decorations and sugarcraftiness, and the very useful (if dangerously tempting) Splat Cooking and I was ready to concoct my cupcakes.


    The recipe itself is not a new one - in fact, the Love Buns you can find here on the site - but I creepily corrupted the once romantic Valentine's Day offering by adding a blob of food colouring paste in Spruce Green to the sponge and, once I'd piled the gleaming white, whipped frosting on top, let any number of bats, bones, violent orange glitter and anything else I found that looked the part, drop onto the peaked icing.



    Much fun all round, I'd say, and my children ate up my early first batch with alarming (but also gratifying) speed. Still, plenty more from where they came from……

    Fellow witches, to your cauldrons!

    Posted by Nigella on the 20th Oct 2011