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  • 1st November 2012

    I have often been approached to do a pop up restaurant but, not being a chef, I thought that I probably wasn't best suited to it, but the idea excited me and so I decided to do a pop-up tearoom. I have always had a slight fantasy-hankering for a cafe with cakes and bakes so this, you could say, is just my cup of tea. At my Nigellissima pop-up tearoom on Saturday 17th November, I shall be cooking and serving a choice (and generous) selection of savoury and sweet bites, Italian-inspired - and including a glass of prosecco - but with all the cosiness of an English afternoon tea.  

    If you are interested in coming (and it would be lovely to have you) please go to www.youngandfoodish.com as Mr Youngandfoodish is the organizing force behind this particular project.


    A little taster of what will be served on the day.

    Posted by Nigella on the 1st Nov 2012