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  • 22nd February 2012

    Years and years ago, I bought a teeny tiny little tagine - forgive me for trying to emphasize its miniature status like this - which I used (up till last week) as a used teabag receptacle. I can't tell you how useful it was, as no one ever walks over to a bin when they've made a cup of tea (or not in my house) and there is something just depressing about the sight of squeezed out teabags on brown-stained saucers. True, there was a period when an empty yogurt pot did the job, but that was hardly an aesthetic improvement. So, the bubby tagine became a fond fixture of the kitchen, in fact, over the years, of three separate kitchens. Now, I know this is called Witter, but even I know that the history of my teabag tagine is  going on a bit. Anyway, the tagine broke, and I couldn't replace it. Then, by some wonderful coincidence, someone brought me back an almost identical one from Morocco and happiness and harmony return to my kitchen. I'm off to celebrate it with a cup of tea now....



    Posted by Nigella on the 22nd Feb 2012