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  • 25th February 2012

    I've had that cold that's going around for the past week, which is more of an inconvenience than a catastrophe of course, and I wouldn't even dream of bringing it up were it not for the fact that this minor ailment inspired a major martini moment.

    A friend introduced me recently to some delicious ginger vodka, which I then ordered in some volume from The Whiskey Exchange. In fact, I ordered so much, they threw in a present in the form of some ginger liqueur. Feeling coldy the other night - and having to go out anyway - I concocted myself a ginger martini which did the trick perfectly. I'm sure it would taste pretty gingery still made with regular vodka - or indeed gin - but I made it with two shots each of ginger vodka and ginger liqueur and one shot of dry white vermouth. If you're feeling like you need gingering up, I can't recommend it too highly. But go steady, it packs a vigorous punch!

    Posted by Nigella on the 25th Feb 2012