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  • 27th January 2012

    As I know I say often - when it comes to food, although I may be extravagant, I am never wasteful. In fact, I loathe waste and few things give me as much quiet satisfaction as doing a bit of a fridge forage and making a meal out of my findings.  Furnished with some boxed up garlicky spaghetti from a couple of days ago, I decided to sweep into action.  Now, I've got nothing against wolfing down cold pasta straight from a container in the fridge, but I do enjoy a bit of culinary recycling, so I decided upon a frittata - omelette Italian style. It took me back to the time when my children were little when many a spaghetti carbonara turned into an omelette for the next day's tea. I recommend it highly! I don't have anything as exact as a recipe to offer, but for 100g leftover (sauced) spaghetti, I whip up 3 eggs, toss in the pasta and then pour it into a small non-stick frying pan in which I have melted a couple of teaspoons of unsalted butter.  I like it still runny - what the French call baveuse - in the centre, but obviously this is a matter of taste.  As is my final suggestion, which is to douse the frittata with some chilli sauce and roll up in a soft wrap. Yum....


    Posted by Nigella on the 27th Jan 2012