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  • 4th November 2011

    I can nearly always find time to witter, but this week I have been hard pressed to move from stovetop to laptop. This isn't a complaint: one, I love cooking; and two, I also love a photoshoot if what's having its picture taken is food rather than me!  And this week I've been busy cooking the recipes for my special edition of Stylist magazine, which will be out on 7 December, but do not worry: the recipes - 10 new ones - will be appearing on nigella.com too!

    We've taken lots of lovely photos, and I must say I enjoy the whole process, from thinking up and cooking the recipes, to choosing which plates and props (although the mess I make around the place turns my home into an obstacle course, it's true) to go with which dish and helping set up and style the pictures. I had much fun with Nato, the photographer (whose daughter Ruby made us some little quiches for our lunch) and the Stylist team and can't wait for you to see the results.


    Posted by Nigella on the 4th Nov 2011