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  • 6th January 2012



    I've spent an awful lot of my birthday doing what is one of my worst jobs - comparable to sifting in my value system - and that is filing. But it's all in a good cause, as I now have many, many Nigellissima recipes all clipped and stuck away in folders inside my big bold new pink file. I've already made quite a bit of headway, but - impossible to escape one's personality - have equally been going a bit off-piste. One of my b-day presents was a spice mix I had never heard of, Vadouvan, which was bought for me in Brussels and is a kind of franco-curry mix. Obviously, I am dying to try it even though it has absolutely no place in Nigellissima. Luckily, I have also been given a beautiful recipe note book and a pen fashioned to look like a blood-filled syringe so I can write my Vadouvan-inspired recipes in/with those. And if any of you have any recipes that use Vadouvan, please do post them in the recipe section.


    Posted by Nigella on the 6th Jan 2012