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  • 7th February 2014

    I have been so overrun with requests for the recipe for fudge ever since I tweeted a picture of the finished product earlier in the week, that I feel it is only right and proper to give it to you. In truth, I wasn't sure at first - hence the delay - as I do worry slightly about giving a recipe that involves quite so much boiling sugar. My concerns are not primarily dietary - although I wouldn't want any nutritionist to read this - but for your safety. It is very easy to burn yourself in the process - and I should know. So proceed with caution, and at your own risk!
    Still, people have been making fudge for yonks, so I don't want to sound the alarm too neurotically. You can find the recipe by clicking here and make sure you read the whole recipe through calmly before you start. Good luck!

    Posted by Nigella on the 7th Feb 2014