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  • I am a more is more kind of person

    I am a more is more kind of person: I love eating at home, but I adore eating out, too. And I don't just mean at the grander end of the scale. Of course, I love a beautiful room and a luscious and luxurious menu, but certainly not exclusively, nor even that often. I just love eating (not breaking news, I concede) so wherever the food is good, is where I want to be.  A case in point is a post parents' evening supper I had with my son the other day at the Nautilus in West Hampstead.  There are times when only fish and chips will do! And what fish! The flesh was so tender and juicy: these aren't rock-bottom chippy prices, but nor they should they be for this kind of quality. And the batter! The batter on my fillet of plaice was so crunchy and crisp that I had to phone up my husband and hold the mobile to the plate so he could hear the percussive scrunch it made as I put my knife in.

    Now, I have made fish and chips at home, and I rather immodestly pride myself on my twice-fried chips, but getting the fish as good as you can get out isn't easy. Plus the house doesn't smell so great afterwards! But if there's food - sushi is another example - I prefer to eat out, there is also food that I believe is best eaten in: real, cosy, happy-making family food, the sort that lives in your kitchen and this website. So thank you for cooking from the recipes I've posted here and for commenting on them, and thank you even more for posting your own. And keep them coming.

    Posted by Nigella on the 4th Mar 2009