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  • I know I did only a couple of book-signings this week

    I know I did only a couple of book-signings this week, but I always like getting out and chatting with you. Of course, geography and life mean that I don't get to chat with that many of you, but that is why I treasure writing my books. Well, I love it anyway, but I do feel while I do it that it is a conversation, and I relish that. Not that I am writing my new book right now, but any day soon....

    I am nearly there with the recipes (the hard thing is deciding what to leave out rather than what to put in!) and about to start photographing before actually setting pen to paper, or rather fingertips to keyboard. I'm doing as much as possible this year (even though the book's not scheduled to come out till Autumn 2010) so as to leave next year free for making a tv series to go alongside. I know a lot of you asked for a new book and new series sooner, but not only do I love to linger over a book, really incorporating recipes that are part of my life, but also I have to be sparing with filming: I can write books in school hours, but it is impossible to make television programmes within school hours.

    I love this time, though, when I'm snug in the kitchen, a cake in the oven, a pot of something or rather bubbling on the stove and a book and series slowly percolating. And although it means I don't get out and about, doing events or signings and meeting as much of you all as possible, at least I have the site to see what you're up to and join in with the chat. Thank you!

    Posted by Nigella on the 11th Sep 2009