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  • I've been meaning to come on here for a while

    I've been meaning to come on here for a while for a spot of work-shirking wittering; babbling is one of my weaknesses and pleasures, for all that my husband says it makes him miss crucial parts of plot every time we watch television. But every time I am about to write something here to add to a topic on the forum, someone phones, emails or stands over me (those elves can be evil!) to make me turn my attention to some pressing work issue. Well, THEY say it's pressing...The book you know about, and I am having a lovely time writing it.  The thing about writing is that  I feel great while I'm doing it, but panic-struck when thinking about it. You'd think, seven books in, I'd have learnt my lesson and proceed accordingly, but it doesn't seem to work like that.

    Besides, I've had other things on my plate, so to speak: I have been working on an iPhone Application, or what we in Team Cupcake (which is the unofficial name my girls and I go by between ourselves) call the Nigellapp! As soon as I know when it will be released, of course I will tell you all before anyone else.

    But right now, I'm arming myself with a bar of chocolate and heading straight for my study to get back to my new book......

    Posted by Nigella on the 15th Feb 2010