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    I've been trying to post this message for the best part of a week, but I am on the road, on book tour in North America, and technology and time zones have defeated me!  But I'm here now (just arrived in St Louis as I write) and have been having such a great time meeting readers and viewers and eating my way through America.  There aren't many mealtimes free - I know! - as I tend to do book signings at lunch and supper times, but let me tell you so far I have managed to sneak in some utterly fabulous fried chicken from Dirty Bird To Go and some of the best cooking, as well as cheese and salami, I've had for a long time at Rosi Parmacotta and antipasti, paccheri and white pizza I'm still dreaming of at Mario Batali's new buzzy Eataly - all in Manhattan -  and the most incredible ice cream at the Bent Spoon in Princeton, as well as a pretty darned delicious BBQ baby back ribs, shredded brisket and smoked sausage at Off the Bone in Dallas.  Watch this (ever expanding) space for updates on my eating adventures in St Louis, Philly, Milwaukee, Chicago and Toronto to come!

    Posted by Nigella on the 10th Nov 2010