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    You will have noticed that the recipe on the site today is my all-time fave, the birthday custard sponge, which may seem odd in the middle of the Christmas season, but I have got a personal reason.  December 15th is the birthday of my first-born, my daughter Mimi (nee Cosima) and this is her favourite cake.  And actually, I have only just finished putting the candles on top  of this year's version.  Even better, this cake is the first thing made in hour new house;  I christened the oven and the kitchen with it.  Just in case writing and shooting a book and a thirteen part series wasn't enough, I threw in a couple of book tours (on each side of the Atlantic) and then moved house.  But I can't think of a better way of making a house feel like a home than cooking in it.  And now that The Birthday is over, I'm ready to throw myself into Christmas Mode.  I wish all of you a molto-merry Christmas, cosy cooking, good eating and the happiest of happy new years.....

    Posted by Nigella on the 15th Dec 2010