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  • There's been an awful lot of debate

    There's been an awful lot of debate about what exactly this bright new year, the futuristic-looking 2010, should be called. On one side are the two-thousand-tenners; on the other, the twenty-tenners. For me it's easy: even though I was only in single figures (just) when Zegar and Evans had their hit 'In the Year Twenty-Five-Twenty-Five' - and those who are either too young to remember or were spared it due to excess of good taste should get themselves to i-tunes for joyful elucidation - I look to those lyrics for corroboration.

    For me, it's twenty-ten, no question. But however you want to say it, I am here to say I wish you a good one. We are only at the beginning of it: thing of all those meals to be eaten that lie ahead!

    Posted by Nigella on the 5th Jan 2010