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  • Welcome to the new nigella.com!

    Welcome to the new nigella.com! The team and I have been busy this summer, giving the website a bit of a revamp, and we been rejigging and reformulating - taking our cue from how you have been using the site - to come up with some exciting new content.

    You'll see information about a plethora of new pages dotted about the place, but I have to tell you here and now that, inspired by nigella.com users, we've included a Cookalong - so you'll be able to join in with the featured recipe of the month, cook it at home, and then come back to the website to share your thoughts. The Cookalong begins on Monday 6th September with a recipe from my new book, Kitchen - so don't forget to check in then when the recipe will be available online.

    Another addition, I am particularly thrilled about is our new Kitchen Queries section - dedicated to solving your cooking conundrums. And to inspire you to post your queries, I'll be giving a copy of Kitchen to the first ten users who send in a query to our team of trouble-shooters. So, please, have fun with the new site, and ping any cooking problem over to us. We've been working hard to make life easier!

    Posted by Nigella on the 25th Aug 2010