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May 2013: SUBMITTED BY Noam


I made it as a Chocolate-Peanut-Butter Birthday Cheesecake! What I love is that it's so quick and easy to make, even a stressed-out student on the verge of exams-anxiety like me can find a few minutes to make it. I also made white chocolate peanut butter ganache to pipe on top. Thanks Nigella! My friends said it was sublime and "insanely good"!


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  • Noam! Who was the lucky birthday boy/girl? - you cut their name off!!

    Posted by GalileeBlue on 3rd Jun 2013 at 19.42

  • GalileeBlue- Haha, the birthday girl [Zohar] was busy eating her own name (:

    Posted by Noam on 8th Jun 2013 at 21.23