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October 2013: SUBMITTED BY Khimology


Hi Nigella! This is my second time submitting to Cookalong ;-) It's wonderful to try out most of your baking recipes & since Halloween is in October, it's certainly awesome to decorate your Devil's Food Cake into something creepy! I couldn't find a rubber spider but a rubber cockroach fits in well too right? I know my spider web looks like a flop ;( I did faced a little problem when making the chocolate frosting, it came out lumpy instead! As I did not want to waste my dark chocolate, I whipped it with a cup of double cream. It did saved my frosting and my dark chocolate did not go to waste! Will certainly try baking it again as my children really loved this moist dark luscious cake, thank you so much for sharing this recipe ;p Happy Halloween everyone, have a great one!


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