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October 2013: SUBMITTED BY Lucy87


I love to cook & bake and try out new recipes. However at the moment I'm dealing with a knee injury which prevents me from standing a lot in the kitchen. Luckily baking is something you can do mostly while sitting down. And what's better than happily stirring ingredients to then create a beautiful chocolate cake to take your mind of injuries? I made this one for my good friend who is also my sister, when she visited me. She absolutely loved it! It was also a bit of a revanche baking, since I made this cake almost two years ago for Christmas, and it was a bit of a disaster since it didn't rise properly and the cake tin was already too big so I ended up with a big pancake instead of a wonderfully risen cake. This time I also used a bigger tin since I don't have space for two tins in my oven, but I think it worked out perfectly like this!


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