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February 2014: SUBMITTED BY pseudoknight7


Love changes Everything! My husband loves chocolate (and really, who doesn't!), so when i decided to make Nigella's Love Buns this Valentine's Day i just _had_ to give them a chocolicious twist. So here is my entry for the cookalong contest: i've mixed about 3/4 cup grated dark chocolate to the batter as a final step. Also, i've chosen a chocolate icing in favour of the recipe original (there's no such thing as too much chocolate right!) Did not have any icing equipment, so this is the best i could do with a butter knife and some imagination. They turned out really cute? don't you think! :) Needless to say, the cupcakes were a huge hit, particularly the little melty bits of chocolate inside. My husband (who also happens to be my best friend, and the love of my life) said they were the BEST Muffins he'd ever had!! and he almost never exaggerates ;)) when it comes to my many baking endeavours. Love truly does change _everything_...for the better (even this already perfect recipe)


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