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April 2014: SUBMITTED BY duckiex


This is my version of the easter nest cake. This is the first ever flourless cake is made and I was very surprised. So light and full of taste. I wanted it to add my own little touch to the cake so I decided to create a sugar basket, my first time making these, built around half a choclate easter egg, I got a pan and created a rack on top of the pan using spaghetti. I then zig zagged the melted sugar across and let it cool. Then upon turning it around it gives it the effect of defying gravity. I then placed this in the centre of the egg and filled it with m and m's. The reason for m and m's is that my original plan was for mini eggs but tesco and asda had sold out of these so I had to improvise and thought the closest thing to a mini egg is a peanut m and m and I think it adds a lot more colour to the cake. Finally, wow does making sugar baskets make a big mess that hard to clean.


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