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May 2014: SUBMITTED BY Noam

I've never made fudge before so I was a little scared at cooking such copious amount of sugar, but it was over before I even knew it. I made it for a friend's birthday party, and because our palate is not really sweet, I wanted to add something to temper the sweetness. I decided to add coffee beans, which I've ground to fine powder [something like 3 tablespoons], and sprinkle some sea salt over on top. It was a great decision because everybody at the party loved it! I even sent the link to 2 friends who asked for the recipe. Thanks for making fudge much less daunting, Actually, with its coffee taste, it's much more suitable to call this fudge "cappuccino tablet", which sounds simply glorious [and perfectly suitable for those nights before exams when you not only need sugar, but coffee as well..].


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