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July 2014: SUBMITTED BY Noam


I love this recipe because it's very easy to make and adapt using whatever you have in the fridge and cupboard, so even if you don't have lemon curd and digestive biscuits, you can still make this tart. I happened to have some chocolate-coconut biscuits [not macaroons, but actual crunchy biscuits], so I subbed them for the digestives and made the crust using the exact ratio. For the filling, I used the leftover mango curd I had in the fridge, but the proportions were a bit different; I started with the exact specified amount of cream cheese and mango curd, but added more mango curd [about 40g more, but it's really depends on the sharpness of your curd], lemon juice [ditto] & icing sugar [to taste] at the end until the filling tasted vivid enough. I topped the tart with another mango I had leftover which I peeled, sliced thinly and swirled in the middle, and some double cream which I whipped with some cocoa & icing sugar, and pipped using a star nozzle. I made it for my mom [she loves those tropical flavors] and she absolutely loved it! Thank you Nigella & Team Cupcake.


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