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One of my favourite food shops in the world is La Fromagerie in Moxon Street, London W1, and the author of this book is the shop's owner/curator. She makes reading about cheese almost as good as eating it, and this is a much-prized volume in my collection. The recipe I've chosen showcases two beloved ingredients, gorgonzola and basil.



By Patricia Michelson of La Fromagerie (Jacqui Small, 2010)


Gorgonzola Torte with Basil

This layered cheese 'torte' infused with basil is really indulgent but so much better than shop-bought versions. It is important to use a really good farmhouse mascarpone - it's what makes the finished result so special.

Serves 8
  • 500g (1 lb 2 oz) mascarpone cheese, plus extra for coating (optional)
  • 300g (10½ oz) Gorgonzola Naturale, cut into 1 cm (½ in) thick slices
  • Fresh basil leaves
  • Walnut bread, thinly sliced, to serve


  1. Take a medium-sized round mesh sieve and place it over a mixing bowl. Line the sieve with a double layer of muslin, leaving enough cloth hanging over the side of the bowl to allow you to tie it up.
  2. Spoon a thin layer of mascarpone into the lined sieve to cover the bottom. Place a layer of Gorgonzola into the sieve, then scatter over a few basil leaves. Repeat with another layer of mascarpone, Gorgonzola and basil leaves until you have filled the sieve.
  3. Tie the overhanging muslin to encase the cheese. Place a plate on top and then a weight (not too heavy, just something to weigh it down sufficiently to remove any excess liquid).
  4. Place the bowl in the fridge and leave for 1 hour or until any excess liquid stops dripping through the muslin. Untie the cloth and turn out the cheese onto a plate.
  5. Cover the dome of cheese with a layer of mascarpone, if you wish, and scatter over a few basil leaves. Serve as a single cheese course with thin slices of walnut bread and chilled Prosecco or Vin Santo.


photograph by Lisa Linder