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"I am a fanatical scribbler - I love to make shopping lists, plan menus, and jot down ideas for new recipes.  So, rather than placing my trust in scraps of paper - which inevitably go astray - I wanted a range of stationery that would be perfect for keeping all my so-called thoughts together, whether I'm in the kitchen, at my desk, or on the move." - Nigella Lawson

Kitchen Kit Ranges


Set of Stickers

Identify your home produce with ease…

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Keyring Notebook

Attach this stylish notebook to your…

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Small Shopping List

This handy shopping list pad is perfect…

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  • Colander

    "This is a fantastically useful hold-in-the-hand colander, perfect for small… Read on

  • Serving hands

    "Pretty serving utensils, like lamps, are practically impossible to find, so… Read on

  • Measuring cups

    "Every measuring cup around, it seems to me, is just stainless-steel functional,… Read on