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Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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Latest Queries

  • Chicken With Tomatoes And Peppers

    The Chicken With Tomatoes And Peppers in Nigellissima mentions Marsala as an ingredient. What sort of sherry could I use as a substitute? Thank you, Susan.

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  • Dairy, Gluten And Nut Free Cake

    Hello, I have my daughter in law coming to stay and she is gluten and dairy free, and my son has a nut allergy. Could I make the Lemon Polenta Cake and use something else instead of almonds? And are there any other recipes that would suit both their needs? Thank you, for much needed help, Sue 

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  • Different Wine For Muscat Jelly

    Could you use a different wine for Nigella's Blackberries In Muscat Jelly?

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  • Christmas Cake Liqueur

    Hi! Im' thinking about Christmas cake and I'm bored of brandy or rum. Would it be possible to use an orange liqueur instead? Many thanks.

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  • Smoked Trout Instead Of Smoked Haddock

    Nigella has some recipes that require smoked haddock. Unfortunately, in Australia, it can be hard to come by. Would it be possible to used hot-smoked trout instead? Thank you.

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  • Cream Queries

    Hi! For Instant Chocolate Mousse can I use whipping cream instead of double cream ? If yes what is the quantity that should be used. Thanks.  

    I am looking forward to making Nigella's Salted Caramel sauce recipe but we don't have double cream in NZ, I was wondering what I would need to alter in this recipe to account for this?  

    I have a recipe using sour cream for tartlets. I am worried there is a risk the sour cream will curdle in the oven during the cooking time. Can I substitute creme fraiche or will this affect the flavour? Thanks!

    Can you please tell me a substitute for double cream for the No-Churn Pomegranate Ice Cream?

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  • Measuring Gelatine

    Hi, I was wodnering if you know how much is 1/4 ounce of gelatin in teaspoons?

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  • What Chocolate To Use

    Hi, Nigella always mentions in her chocolate recipes to use good quality chocolate. Can you please tell me how to choose a good quality chocolate? I live in the USA, are there any good brands? Thanks, pramin2089. 

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