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Kitchen Queries

Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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Latest Queries

  • Flan Recipe For Creme Brulee

    I have been making the gorgeous Flan recipe from Nigella Express and I really like (no, love!) the custard. Could I bake it without the caramel underneath and then brulee the top to create an easy Creme Brulee? Thanks, Jane.

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  • Warming Clementine Cake

    I understand that Clementine Cake can be frozen quite successfully. What is the best way to serve warm after defrosting?

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  • Whipping Cream Instead Of Double Cream

    Hi! Is it possible for me to use whipping cream instead of double cream? If so, how much should I use? Also, if I want to replace the vanilla pods with vanilla extract, how much should I use?

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  • Fish Stock For Keralan Curry

    Please can you tell me what the fish concentrate used by Nigella in the Keralan Curry is and where I might find it? Perhaps there is a substitute I can use? Many thanks Terry.

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  • Pan For Red Velvet Cupcakes To Cake

    If I'm using the Red Velvet Cupcake recipe to make one large cake, do I need to use a springform pan?

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  • Soft White Dinner Rolls

    Can I use the dough for the Soft White Dinner Rolls to make a classic loaf?

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  • Using A Stand Mixer

    Hello, I've been a baker of cakes for many years and have adored many of Nigella's recipes. For a long time I have wanted a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, but the husband always said it was too much money. A few months ago I was presented with a beautiful shiny Kitchen Aid and I was overjoyed! My dilemma now is that I can't follow recipes properly anymore, as I don't know which attachment to use at which point! For years I have made victoria sandwiches with a hand mixing machine and now, given the vast amount of money spent on the new mixer, I'm producing cakes that are far less superior! Help! Many thanks, Victoria

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  • Jars For Chilli Jam

    I just made my first batch ever of Chilli Jam. I made use of powdered pectin as suggested, and it seems to be setting well! How are these jellies to be sealed? Can they be put in a water bath, and if so, for how long? Or should the jars just be kept in the fridge? Please advise. Mine is going to be hot! Hot chillies, I guess! Thank you!

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