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Kitchen Queries

Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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Latest Queries

  • Mostarda di Cremona

    Where can I buy mostarda di cremona?

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  • Cappuccino Pavlova

    I notice that Nigella used the Two Chicks egg whites to make the meringue base in her Cappucino Pavlova, but the recipe doesn't give a measurement for these. I really want to give them a go, especially after picking up a coupon recently! Thanks!

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  • Buttermilk Scones

    Hi Nigella Team! I want to try to make Nigella's Buttermilk Scones but am unable to find cream of tartar in Belgioum, where I live. I found that it could be replaced with bicarb. and baking powder but couldn't find what the measurements would have to be, to have the same effect as using cream of tartar. Could you help me find the measurements or possibly a way to get some cream of tartar? Thank you in advance! An

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  • Nigellissima Saucepans & Pasta Insert

    I have just spent the whole afternoon catching up on all the episodes of Nigellisima, and have fallen in love with the saucepans she used in the series. Could you please point me in the right direction of where to get them (they are the stainless steel looking ones with the squared off handles).  

    I love Nigella's stainless steel saucepans and pans, they are the ones with the squared off lip/edge and squared off handles, they are being used in Nigelissima and have been used in many previous shows. Can you let me know the brand and where to purchase. Many thanks, Anthony.   

    Hi, I'm loving Nigella's new series Nigellissima and her new kitchen! Can you please advise where I can purchase the stainless steel colander that she uses to drain pasta? It fits the Iittala pans really well! Many thanks, Georgia.

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  • Melba Toast

    Should one buy thin, medium or thick sliced bread for making melba toast?

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  • Wine For Cooking

    I don't drink alcohol by choice though I do use it in cooking. My problem is this buy a large bottle and I really have to dump more than half of it, buy the small bottles and it becomes very expensive. Is there a substitute I can use for red and white wine, something I can cork and go back to a week or a month later?

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  • Adzhika

    In Nigella's recipe for Adzhika is the quantity of chillis specified related to spicy hotness or volume? I have a chilli plant at home - very fiery chillis, but I am going to struggle to reach 80g let alone the 125g specified. However they are exceptionally hot!

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  • Mixed Spice in Red Cabbage Recipe

    In one of Nigella's cookbooks there is a red cabbage recipe. The list of ingredients calls for mixed spice. How do I make that or is it something that I need to purchase?

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