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Kitchen Queries

Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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Latest Queries

  • Nigella's Decadent Desserts

    It is a friend's 50th birthday party and we need a inexpensive decadent dessert for 50 people. Perhaps something that can be prepared before time and then served at the appropriate time. Something really special, something in the style that Nigella would love to finish off late at night? Many thanks, Rose.

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  • Long Red Chillies

    Nigella often uses long red chillies in her recipes but I can't find them all year through. Could you suggest a way to keep them as long as possible? I wonder if they can be frozen? Thanks!

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  • Instant Chocolate Mousse

    Hi, I was wondering how long Nigella's Instant Chocolate Mousse will last in the fridge? I made some today and it is fantastic but I won't be able to finish all of the portions today. Will they keep in the fridge until tomorrow or the day after?

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  • Chocolate Mousse Cake

    I would like to cook Nigella's Chocolate Mousse Cake but how do I get the base of tinfoil off? The instructions only cover the sides. The cake doesn't look as if it should be inverted twice, nor does scraping the foil off every slice as you serve it. So how is the trick done?

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  • Chocolate Orange Loaf

    Hello Nigella Team! Can I substitute butter for oil in Nigella's Chocolate Orange Loaf Cake? If so, how much? Will it affect the taste or texture? If oil is not possible, what are the other possible substitutes? Many thanks, Brandon

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  • Chilli With Cornbread

    Hi, I would really love to make Nigella's Chilli With Cornbread, however I am not sure what the equivalent would be in Australia, it appears none of the supermarkets where I live stock cornmeal. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Katie

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  • Sea Salt Flakes

    Nigella uses sea salt flakes in many recipes but what other salt can I use instead of Maldon salt?

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  • Butterflied Lamb Recipe

    Hello I am desperately trying to find the recipe for Nigella's butterflied lamb, that she made on Nigellissima (series 1 episode 4) but cannot find it anywhere. Can you help? Thanks.

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