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Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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Latest Queries

  • Cake Tin Size - Smaller Or Larger

    Hi! I generally have 7-inch & 10-inch loose bottomed cake tins. If a recipe calls for an 8-inch tin am I better to use the smaller or larger tin? What would the end result be using either of the tins and would cooking times be affected? Many thanks.

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  • Nutella Cheesecake in Smaller Sizes

    The recipe for the Nutella Cheesecake is for a large amount of people. I just wondered what the ingredients would be for 6 or even individual ones? I realise I could just divide everything in half but sometimes this just doesn't work! Many thanks Karen

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  • Using Dried and Frozen Herbs

    I know recipes often benefit from using fresh herbs, but I find buying fresh can be expensive and I do not have green fingers to grow my own. Would you say that dried herbs are as useful or should I look at frozen herbs that you can get from most supermarkets. Also I am aware that dried herbs can be stronger in flavour is there a good rule of thumb to follow when using dried against fresh? Many thanks!

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  • Kneading Dough For Hot Cross Buns

    I've just made Nigella's Hot Cross Buns for Easter and I have a query about kneading. I kneaded the dough for approximately 10 minutes and it was smooth, however it was not elastic when I pulled it apart. Should I have kneaded the dough more or have I over kneaded it? Thanks

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  • Chocolate Guinness Wedding Cake

    Hi, I am getting married in Italy in July and I would like to have the Chocolate Guinness Cake as my wedding cake. I really need help with scaling the recipe for a 3 tier cake for 80 people. I would also like to have each tier divided into 2 layers with a filling in the middle. Since the cake is pretty moist, should I add more flour to be able to do it? Many thanks for your help. Kind Regards Chiara

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  • Salted Peanut Bars

    Hi, I just saw Nigella making those wonderful Salted Peanut bars on TV. Can you tell me in ounces or grams how much butter I should use? I'm having a girls night in and think they will love them. Thank you from Angela in Ireland

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  • Music On Nigella's Shows

    Was a CD or something similar ever released with all the songs used in the Nigella 'Christmas' TV series? I've found a list of the songs used on the Flashback TV website, but I would rather just download or purchase them all as a whole. I love those songs. Thanks in advance. Zoe.

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  • Halloween Party Food

    Hi Team Nigella, I'm hosting a Halloween Party this year and was wondering if you could suggest any recipes or dishes that will please both children and adults alike? Thanks!

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