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Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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  • Churros

    Hello I followed Nigella's recipe for Churros (Kitchen, p438) today, they sort of worked and the chocolate sauce was delicious, but the inside of the churros remained rather thick and gooey. I deep fried them until they were golden brown, kept them warm in oven until all were cooked and left them to stand for 5-10 mins, but the inside had not puffed up, they seemed rather dense. Am I doing something wrong with the actual mixture, or do they need longer cooking. What do you suggest? thanks Greta

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  • Spruced Up Vanilla Cake

    i mixed up the ingredients for the Spruced-Up Vanilla Cake (Christmas, p198) in the holiday tree bundt tin, cooked it for the required time, inserted knife after 60 mins which came out clean, so took it out of the oven. The cake very quickly deflated. Please help, I am desperate to make this beautiful looking cake for my mums birthday on Friday. I am not a confident cook, what should I have done as well. If it helps I have a neff u16e74 double oven.  

    Yesterday I made the recipe for the spruced-up vanilla cake. I made it with food processor, oven temperature was 180c and I baked it for for 65 minutes but the outside was cooked and the inside uncooked. How many minutes in the food processor? What size of eggs are used? Can you also use margarine? What did i wrong? Help! Nurma


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  • Oven temperatures and fan ovens

    Hello Nigella Team, Would you please tell me if the recipes in Nigella's books use a Fan Forced oven or not. Thank you. Jendee. 

    Hi, I've tried cooking both the Lemon Meringue Cake and also the Spruced Up Vanilla cake and they both browned off far too quickly at the temperatures recommended. I do have a fan assisted oven though, so should I lower the temperatures? And if so to what? Thanks, Lon

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  • Freezing Cakes

    I need to make some cakes for a school fayre but am going on holiday so offered to make some if they could be frozen - is this possible?? The cakes I was going to make was the boiled orange cake and also the chocolate and banana muffins - thanks very much!

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  • Alternative Flavours For No Churn Ice Creams

    I very successfully made your No Churn Pomegranate Ice Cream (Nigella Express, p132) last week but wanted a second non alcoholic flavour, so I tried orange and chocolate. I used roughly the same amount of orange juice as the yield from my pomegranates, added about 100g of melted milk chocolate, which I swirled in and added some chocolate chips too. The flavour was quite nice but the texture was all wrong - slighty crumbly rather than soft and silky like the pomegranate one. Where did I go wrong and what can I do next time to get the texture right whilst still allowing me to play with other flavours?

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  • Sticky Toffee Sauce

    Hi, I was wondering how to make sticky toffee sauce?

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  • Cupcakes and Italian "Acid Cream"

    I absolutely love Nigella's cupcakes, but, as strange as it may seem, they rise more in the centre than they are supposed to do (silly, as my cakes often don't rise at all!) Too much baking powder maybe? Too much batter in the cases? I've recently bought "Delizie Divine" a fantastic cook book with a good Italian translaltion. But I have another query - I can't find acid cream in Italy, what else could I use? May be yogurt? Thank you Nigella - my cooking guru! Maria from Vicenza Italy

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  • Boiled Orange Cakes

    I have a couple of recipes for cakes that require two whole oranges to be boiled and then put into a food processor and blitzed before adding the rest of the ingredients. I'd like to know why the oranges need to be boiled if they are going to be processed anyway? Is it to do with taste, texture or simply ease of processing?

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