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Kitchen Queries

Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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Latest Queries

  • Nigella's Foil Trays

    I was wondering where I can buy the 30x20x5cm foil trays often mentioned in Kitchen? All the ones I have found are too wide and shallow. Thanks!

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  • Roasted Stuffed Pumpkin

    The recipe in Nigella's Christmas book (p166) does not indicate at what temperature the Roasted Stuffed Pumpkin should be cooked. Also, if using a smaller pumpkin should I cook it for less time? Thanks!

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  • Mint Jelly/Jam

    Hello Team Nigella! Do you think it would be possible to make a mint jelly in the same way that Chilli Jam is made? We have a glut of mint, and the chilli jam is a great success and very simple to make. Anne

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  • Ice Cream/Semifreddo

    I saw Nigella make a no-churn ice cream on TV the other day the other day - she called it Semifreddo ice cream. It was made with cream and eggs and honey. I cannot seem to find the recipe any more. Please help! It looked so good that I want to try making it. Thanks, Jyoti

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  • Dairy-Free Muffins

    Hello! A number of delicious-sounding Nigella muffin recipes require runny yogurt (e.g. the Apple Cinnamon Muffins in Kitchen). I am lactose intolerant so I was wondering if I could make the muffins with soya yogurt instead? Do you think it would work? Thanks!

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  • Melting Butterscotch Chips

    My friend who lives in the Midwest kindly sent me the recipe she uses for making Scotharoos, an American peanut-butter variant of Rice Krispie treats. I love them but I can't replicate the suggested topping, which is made by melting equal quantities of butterscotch chips and chocolate chips together. I can't get the butterscotch chips to melt before the chocolate seizes. I've tried a double boiler and also taking it very slowly in a saucepan. Unfortunately I don't currently have a microwave, which is what my friend uses. Please can you advise me on the best method? Would a different brand of butterscotch chips help? Many thanks!

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  • Rhubarb

    In several of Nigella's recipes she makes use of rhubarb. I grew up in the North of England, so we enjoyed rhubarb in crumbles, stewed, in pies and more. But my husband absolutely hates it. He won't eat it in anything, even if disguised within a fruit crumble or fool. Do you have any suggestions for a substitution veggie/fruit which may have similar texture or qualities?

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  • Crunchie Bars Substitution

    I live in the US, and saw Nigella's Sweet And Salty Crunch Nut Bars. I have never seen a honeycomb bar here and was wondering if a Butterfinger bar would work instead? Thank you for your time

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