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Kitchen Queries

Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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Latest Queries

  • How Long Will Gochujang Paste Keep?

    I've had some gochujang paste in the fridge for a couple of months now. Should I throw it out or can I keep cooking with it? The packaging is not in English so I have no idea what it says!

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  • Nutella Cheesecake Texture

    Hi Team NIgella, I tried your recipe for the Nutella Cheesecake (on the website) but found that it didn't set even after storing in the fridge overnight! I had to turn it into a chocolate and hazelnut mousse by scooping it into a serving dish. Any clue what happened or is this normal for this recipe? Thanks, Margo Donaldson.

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  • Epsom Salts in Lemonade

    What exactly is the function of Epsom salts in recipes for "old fasioned lemonade"?

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  • Reheating Frozen Soup

    The recipe for Roast Squash and Sweet Potato Soup from Nigella's Christmas Kitchen (and the book Christmas, p53) is recommended for freezing. Does the soup need to be defrosted first or can it be reheated straight from frozen? Thank you.

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  • Tea and Biscuits?

    I'll be hosting a Brit who likes rich black English tea. What biscuit/cake would you recommend to serve with that kind of tea considering that this person doesn't really have a sweet tooth?

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  • Burning Cakes and Cookies

    Whenever I bake cakes or cookies the upper layer becomes very hard and sometimes burns. What should I do to prevent this?

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  • Other Cake Batters For Brownie Bowl Pan

    I recently bought the dessert shell pan to make the Chocolate Brownie Bowls in Kitchen (p162) and was hoping you could give some ideas for how else it can be used? Can I just use any cake mix in the pan or does it have to be a particular kind of recipe?

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  • Cakes in a Free Standing Mixer

    Please help! Which beater is best for creaming butter and sugar? I have just baked my first cake - a lemon loaf - using the paddle in my Kitchen Aid mixer and am disappointed with the results - the cake didn't rise nearly as much as with my usual Magimix. Any advice appeciated. Thanks, Rachel.

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