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Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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  • Recipe Search

    On one of the Christmas TV repeats Nigella made some savoury pancakes with smoked salmon on top. I would love to make these but can't find the recipe. I have the Nigella Express and Christmas books and can't find them in there - can you point me in the right direction please as they looked lovely. Thanks, Carol.

    I saw Nigella make a carrot cake on one of her shows on TV, but I couldn't write it all down. I have searched the website, but nothing comes up, and it looked so delicious. It had carrot, almond flour, 3 eggs, oil, caster sugar, pine nuts, and sultanas soaked in a liqueur. It was served with marscapone. PLEASE help me - I want a gluten free carrot cake, and this was perfect. Thank you so much.

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  • About Brownies

    Hello, I just tried your Brownies recipe from your iPhone Quick Collection and I am not sure if they are raw? I live in Mexico so oven times can change a little, so after 25 minutes in the oven they didn´t quite look done. I let them bake for 5 more minutes, took them out and let them cool. They taste delicious but are very soft inside. The top is light brown and the inside dark brown. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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  • Weekend Surprise For My Husband

    Hi Nigella, I am an ardent fan of you and your cooking skills. However as I live in India I am still very unfamiliar with the international ingredients you use in your recipes. I would like to cook a surprise weekend meal for my husband - a dish that comprises of chicken with mashed potatoes and boiled veggies. Which recipe from your collection would you recommend?

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  • Wedding Cake Dilemma

    I'm making my own wedding cake and would like to have three different tiers. I've already made the bottom tier (Nigella's Chocolate Fruit Cake from Christmas) and would like to have the other two as chocolate and something like a jam and cream sponge. My dilemma is that I need something that will stay fresh for a few days - the longer I can make it before the wedding, the better. I don't know what recipes to use! Can you suggest anything please?

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  • Chocolate and Orange Loaf Cake

    Hi there, my daughter is away at university and I have on many occasions sent her the Chocolate and Orange Loaf Cake from Kitchen (p308) which is always well received, thank you! I was just wondering if I could modify this cake so that she does not get bored. It is an ideal cake to send as it is quite robust, lasts well and obviously tastes wonderful! I am thinking along the lines of say vanilla and chocolate chip (what should I replace the orange juice with?), or maybe a dried fruit version? Ideally this cake will need to be able to be kept well for a few days. Any help would be much appreciated. Very best wishes.

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  • Caramelized Onions

    Dear Nigella Team, in Nigella's Rapid Ragu recipe from Nigella Express (p172) it says to use 75g of caramelized onions though on Nigella's TV show she uses them from a jar. So can I buy caramelized onions or does it mean caramelized onion chuney? Any help will be great! Thanks, Jack

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  • Which Flour for Cookies?

    Hi there, I'd love to try Nigella's Totally Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies (Nigella Express, p190), but I'm a little nervous, as last time I tried another of her cookie recipes they spread quite a bit and I ended up acheiving every child's dream of creating one giant cookie (kind of cool, but not exactly what I was going for!). So, before I try again, what kind of flour should be used? The recipe simply says 'flour.' Is it self-raising or plain? Thanks for your help!

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  • Removing Mouldy Smell from Bread Bin

    I have Nigella's bread bin. Unfortunately over the weekend I left bread in it which turned mouldy. This has been removed but the wooden lid has been left with a mouldy smell meaning I can no longer use the bread bin. Please advise.

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