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Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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  • Worcestershire Sauce in France

    Hi Team, I'm hoping you will be able to help me. I have recently moved to the French Alps and am struggling to find all those vital store cupboard essentials that we take for granted "back home"?.  I'm wondering if you know of a substitute (or French version) for Worcestershire sauce as i can't seem to find anything resembling it out here. Many thanks in advance for your wisdom and help! Cratchet.

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  • Honey in Flourless Cakes

    I would like to replace white sugar in your flourless cake recipes with honey. Would this work or be a disaster? Thank you, Angela B

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  • Tangerine Eggs!

    Dear Nigella & Co, when I watch your shows or when I visit London, I am blown away by the gorgeous color of English eggs! That amazing orange yolk. What are these chicks being fed that produces that beautiful color? Can you recommend any provider in the USA and/or Europe where I can order these sublime little ovals?  

    Hi Nigella and team, where do you buy your eggs? Or is it a specific breed of hen I should look for? I find it so difficult to buy eggs with that rich, orangey yolk that I'm accustomed to seeing on your show and in the Netherlands. I've tried multiple brands at various supermarkets, and all the egg yolks are a very disappointing (and lackluster) pale yellow. Many thanks, love the website.

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  • A Special Dessert for Valentine's Day

    I saw Nigella making a lovely piped long doughnut-type sweet thing that is cooked in oil - it would be fab for Valentine's day for my hubby! I think it might have been Spanish but I cannot find the recipe. She dipped them in melted chocolate and shared them with a friend on the TV show. I really would love to have this recipe if possible and would be so grateful for any help at all in finding it.

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  • Conversion to Metric and Imperial

    Hi there,  I received ' How to be a Domestic Goddess' as a Christmas present and absolutely love it. The only challenge is with the measurements - in this edition, Nigella uses 'cups' in her measurements for all the ingredients. How do I get a conversion to metric calculation - e.g. grams, and mililitres. Appreciate your help!  

    Is there a convenient way to convert from metric to Imperial? (oven temperature too please). P.S. Love this site - I was looking for something gluten free and after 15 minutes of fruitless surfing it was your recipe that solved my problem, plus I enjoy reading the 'story' that goes with it. Many thanks, Chick Pea Flour 'chick' in Canada

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  • Honey Chocolate Cake

    I have now tried 3 times to make the Honey Chocolate Cake (from Feast, p276) and each time it's sunk in the middle. The first time I did it by hand and forgot to put the water in. The second time, I did add the water, same result. Third time did it with an electric whisk, same result. I don't know what I'm doing wrong!   

    I made the Honey Chocolate Cake twice, once with the manual method and once in the food processor. Both cakes subsidied to look more like a flan case rather than the cake in the picture! I was devastated as every other Nigella recipe I have tried has worked out perfectly. I have obviously done something wrong but what? Having read and re-read the recipe, I cannot see that I have deviated in any way from the instructions or ingredients. The mixture looked great and the batter was very smooth prior to baking and the "cake" tasted wonderful just sank like the proverbial stone when it came out of the oven! Please can you help as I would dearly love to try this again. Thank you

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  • Self-Raising Flour

    How do you make self-raising flour at home? Unfortunately it is not available where I live. Thanks!

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  • Sticky Sweet Sausages

    Hi there! Nigella has some sticky sausage recipes that call for "cocktail sausages". Can I clarify if these are the small 'hot dog' style sausages or chipolatas? I tried the recipe with chipolatas and was not convinced they were the right sausages to use.

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