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Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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Latest Queries

  • How To Use Up Sour Cream

    I've made some Christmas Cupcakes which only use a small amount of sour cream. What can I do with the rest of the pot?

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  • Storing Salted Caramel Sauce

    Hi, if I want to make Salted Caramel Sauce as a gift could I put it in sterilised jars with instructions to heat before use, or must it be eaten straight away? Thank you for your time. Stacey

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  • Tiramisu Layer Cake

    I would like to know if I can avoid raw eggs for Nigella's Tiramisu Layer Cake (Christmas, p93)? Could I add some eggnog liquer to the mascarpone filling instead of the eggs? Thanks in advance.

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  • Chocolate & Espresso Martinis

    I live in New Zealand and on a recent Nigella cooking programme she made a Chocolate Martini. I wasn't able to get the specific ingredients or amounts and I would love to duplicate this drink. I've searched your site but it doesn't come up with any listig for a Chocolate Martini. Thanks for your help. Kind Regards, Lea Werner. 

    Please could you specify the final ingredient in Nigella's Espresso Martini which she makes on her TV show? She says equal parts of toffee liqueur, coffee liqueur, espresso and then she adds one more spirit which looks like vodka but she didn't say (or is it Cinzano - that's how I make martini). Many thanks for your help, Hogelstick.

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  • Maintaining Wood Chopping Boards

    Hi, can you please tell me what oil I should use on my wooden chopping board and how often I should oil it? Also how do I do it? Many thanks, Zara

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  • Weight of an Egg White

    Hi, I woud like to know how much do egg white and yolk weigh independently (not as a whole egg)? I recently bought just egg whites and I don't know how much to use. Thanks.

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  • Nutella Cheesecake

    Hi, I'm Mexican but I'm living in Italy at the moment. I would like to make Nigella's Nutella Cheesecake. Could you post it for me please? Thanks!

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  • Curd Cheese in Liptauer

    What is the curd cheese mentioned in the ingredients for Liptauer in Nigella Bites (p161)? Can cottage cheese be used instead?

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