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Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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  • Caramelized Onions

    Dear Nigella Team, in Nigella's Rapid Ragu recipe from Nigella Express (p172) it says to use 75g of caramelized onions though on Nigella's TV show she uses them from a jar. So can I buy caramelized onions or does it mean caramelized onion chuney? Any help will be great! Thanks, Jack

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  • Which Flour for Cookies?

    Hi there, I'd love to try Nigella's Totally Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies (Nigella Express, p190), but I'm a little nervous, as last time I tried another of her cookie recipes they spread quite a bit and I ended up acheiving every child's dream of creating one giant cookie (kind of cool, but not exactly what I was going for!). So, before I try again, what kind of flour should be used? The recipe simply says 'flour.' Is it self-raising or plain? Thanks for your help!

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  • Removing Mouldy Smell from Bread Bin

    I have Nigella's bread bin. Unfortunately over the weekend I left bread in it which turned mouldy. This has been removed but the wooden lid has been left with a mouldy smell meaning I can no longer use the bread bin. Please advise.

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  • US Cup to UK Cup Measures

    Hello there. I would like to make a recipe originating from North America. However, I am having trouble with their measurements. I have bought some measuring cups from the UK, but will they be any good for a US recipe? Many Thanks!

    I live in Nigeria. I bought Nigella's book How To Be A Domestic Goddess when I travelled to Finland for the Xmas holiday but now I am home and I have been trying to bake ever since then but can't get the correct measurements. l'm used to grams and not cups. Please can you help me with cup measurements in grams? Thanks.

    Do you have a metric conversion chart from grams to ounces?

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  • Crepe Cakes

    I have always wanted make a crepe cake but don't know to make the filling for the cake - such as hazelnut or vanila spread. Can you all help me on this? Thanks a lot for your help.

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  • Replacement For Coconut Milk in Curry

    Dear Team Nigella, I started making the recipes from Nigella Express and I want to make the Red Prawn and Mango Curry (page 15). However, I really don't like the taste of coconut milk. Is there maybe a replacement you can suggest? Thanks!

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  • Chocolate Cheese Cake - Fridge Set

    Hi, I'm desperately looking for a scrumptious chocolate cheese cake recipe. One you do not have to bake but just chill in the fridge. Somehow baked cheese cakes just don't have the right taste or texture in my mouth. I once tasted one which was made with white chocolate but can't find a recipe for it. Hope you can help. Thanks!

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  • Instant Pancake Mix

    I watched Nigella making pancakes on TV and have just made a batch using her Instant Pancake Mix. I used 150g of the mix and added the rest of the wet ingreadients from the recipe. However my mixture looked a little wetter and I was wondering if I should have let it stand a little before use? It didn't say to do this in the recipe. Chris x

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