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Kitchen Queries

Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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Latest Queries

  • Teaspoon sizes

    I think there is a difference between the English teaspoons and the Dutch teaspoons (Dutch are smaller). Could you give me the measures of a 'teaspoon' in your recipes? Thank you!

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  • Christmas Leftovers

    Hi Nigella and Team! I have lots of turkey and ham leftover from Christmas day and wondered if you have any ideas on how to use it up? Thank you!

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  • Steaming of Christmas Pudding

    Hi, I was wondering if you have a scientific explanation for why I need to steam the pudding for x hours on Christmas day? My husband wants to heat it up in the oven as that is how his mum did it 50 years ago! Need help! H

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  • Cooking Time for Hams

    I couldn't find a 5kg ham and only managed to get 2kg for Nigella's Ginger-Glazed Ham (Christmas, p102). How does that change cooking time? Do I need to boil it for full 4 hours, or should it be shorter?

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  • Reheating Christmas Pudding

    Hi, I have made Nigella's Christmas pudding and I want to give one to my Mum but don't want to have to leave her to steam the pudding a second time. If I steam it again and leave it for her to heat in the microwave, how long will the pudding last once the second steaming has been done? Can you suggest times for reheating in a microwave? I have made her a 2pt pudding. Thank you.

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  • Allspice Gravy for a Turkey Crown

    I would like to make Nigella's Allspice Gravy for Christmas but I am cooking a crown as opposed to a whole turkey. I will still be using the brine method. How do I make the stock for the gravy as I won't have the giblets? Thanks in advance

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  • Freezing Cakes for Christmas

    Hi, can you freeze Nigella's Clementine Cake (How To Eat, p75)? If so how long should you leave it to defrost? Thanks! 

    Does the Chocolate Guinness Cake (Feast, p286) freeze well if I leave off the topping? I regularly make this fantastic cake, and this Christmas I have promised to make it for 3 different people. If so, how long do you think it would take to defrost? I know it will taste far better fresh, but I'm not going to be in my own home over Christmas and don't trust the oven I would be using! Many thanks in advance for your help.

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  • Port and Stilton Gravy

    Hello! Two years ago, Nigella made a lovely Port and Stilton Gravy on her Christmas TV show. I have been trying to find the recipe but it has been removed from the BBC website. Can you help, as I have made it before and it was really lovely, but I can't remember how I made it! Thank you.

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