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Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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  • Banoffee Cheesecake Baking Question

    I really really want to try the Banoffee Cheesecake recipe from the book Kitchen (p133), but my problem is that this is one of the recipes that require a water bath. Sadly my (convection) oven isn't big enough to put the springform in an even bigger roasting tin for this water bath... Is there any way to bake this cake another way? Or maybe divide the batter over smaller forms to put in a smaller roasting tin? I hope this is not a silly question, thanks for your time! Sincerely, Petra from The Netherlands.

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  • Re-using Oil After Deep Frying.

    I wanted to know how long oil can be re-used in a deep fryer since I'll have to fry (samosas, spring rolls, etc.) everyday, this month. Also, what is the most suitable container to store it in? Thanks.

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  • Icing Sugar Decoration - dissolves quickly

    When I dust my Victoria Sponge with icing sugar (when cold), it disappears within a few hours. Is there anything else I can use or do to make the decoration last?

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  • Cake Pan for Cheesecake ?

    What kind of cake pan does Nigella use to bake cheesecakes ? I use springform tins but the cheesecake tends to crack when I remove the pan, leaving the cheesecake with "imperfections", even holes sometimes. I tried once with a silicone mould, but it was way too difficult to unmold the cheesecake. Thank you

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  • Adding Salt in Recipes

    Hello, I have one question. why don't you add salt in many of your dishes? Shiyamala from India

    I tried Nigella's Buttermilk Scones recipe this weekend, which I got from the NPR website. They looked beautiful when they came out of the oven, but I was very disappointed when I tried them because they had almost no taste at all. When I looked at the recipe again I realized salt is not listed as an ingredient. Is this a mistake? I have made many scone recipes, from the UK as well as the US, and not one was without salt. Thanks for your help.

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  • Nigella's App - iPad and Android

    Is there any possibility Nigella's app will become available on the Android market.

    Will Nigella be releasing an app for blackberry smart phones? Thanks! Joella 

    Hello, I was wondering, is it possible to download the Nigella App to Android phones? If not, will Android Apps from Nigella be developed soon? Thank you. Maria, Norway

    Is there an iPad version of Nigella's Quick Collection App coming out please? Thanks, greedygut.

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  • Chocohotopots - Help!

    I followed everything for the Chocohotopots (Feast p256) that I saw Nigella make on the television (and then even viewed it on youtube). I used all purpose flour, and instead of the choc chips, i used Lindt dark choc - extra fine - and cooking butter. Is normal sugar fine, or should I use caster sugar? I have a Samsung grill cum convection microwave oven, but I can only set it to Watts. I set it to 180W,for around 15mins or so. Since it was my first time I thought I would try it with just one ramekin filled with batter. After i closed the oven window, I saw the batter rising up and down inside the ramekin, which is why i took the ramekin out with 10-11mins. To my dismay, there was no gooey choc oozing out, and as I ate it hot, it was more like a cake. it was getting harder as I time went by Please help me, on where I have gone wrong. Leena

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  • Apple Cider Vinegar for Meringue

    Hi, since I'm a Muslim & most of the meringue recipes that I've compiled require white white vinegar, red wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar, which are non-halal products. Is it possible to replace them with apple cider vinegar instead?

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