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Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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Latest Queries

  • Substitute for Trifle Sponges

    I live in Italy and here you can't find the trifle sponges mentioned in some of Nigella's recipes. What could I use insted of them? Thanks, monicapb

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  • Chocolate Chips and Peanut Butter/Chocolate Chips

    Nigella uses chocolate buttons/chips in many of her recipes and I wondered which ones she uses? I can chop good quality dark chocolate with my mezzaluna but it gets a bit messy! Thanks, Samtheseal 

    How do I find chocolate and peanut butter swirled chips? I'm interested to use them in my baking. Nigella used them in one of her ice cream cake recipes. Buffy1981

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  • Cake Recipe Suitable for a Shaped Birthday Cake

    I want to make my daughter a birthday cake i usually use a basic Victoria sponge recipe and make a round cake covered in ready to roll fondant icing. I then cut and colour some icing into a character to place on the top for an effective but simple 2D cake. This year i would like to be more adventurous and try baking a cake to cut into the shape of a cartoon character - what cake recipe would you suggest? Would a victoria sponge be suitable? I have heard this type of cake cuts ok if you freeze it first? I watch the American cake shows they use something called a slab cake - I think. Do you have the recipe for this ? Any advice you give would be greatfully appreciated. Thank you, Kelly Spencer

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  • Waxed Lemons and other Citrus Fruits

    Hello Nigella's Team, can we use the rind of a waxed lemon? And how can we get rid of the wax? Thank you very much.

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  • Colouring Ready To Roll Fondant icing

    I live in Italy. Could you tell me how to get a nice red colour or a strong blue with fondant Icing? I always get a pink or a light blue, although I add quite a bit of colouring. Thanks a lot, Tereza

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  • Royal Wedding Party Food

    What would you recommend for a party to celebrate the Royal Wedding? (Celebrating in Australia)

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  • Passover - Chocolate Orange Cake/Apple Almond Cake

    Hi, I am making the Chocolate Orange Cake from Feast for Passover. What type of thin skinned oranges do you recommend that I can find in the US? Thanks, Joanlinda

    Is it possible to freeze the Apple and Almond Cake from the Passover section of Feast? Gabrab18

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  • Black-Handled Cutlery & Pancake Warmer

    I love the flatware (forks, spoons,etc) with black handles  that Nigella and guests use on her show when eating. Where does it come from? Thank you Angela 

    In your book Nigella Express you have used a Pancake box (green Page 93) and I have searched everywhere to find one as nice as yours. Could you give me an adress where to find it? Anzolo

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