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Kitchen Queries

Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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Latest Queries

  • Muscovado Sugar

    Hi there! I live in India and muscovado sugar is not available here, though we get icing, caster and brown (Dememra) sugars. Since quite a few of your recipes have muscovado am hesitant to try any - is there another substitute for muscovado? Help!

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  • Pizza Rustica for Vegetarians

    I love the idea (and the photo) of the Pizza Rustica (Domestic Goddess, p86), however, my family is vegetarian. Are there any specific filling combinations you would suggest for this type of dish? Thanks!

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  • Making Everyday Biscuits with Cocoa

    Hi, can I subsituite a little of the plain flour for some cocoa when making biscuits to make them chocolate biscuits? Vickie.

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  • Switching Ovens

    Due to a recent move, I now have to switch from a convection oven to a non-convection oven. I am so scared that my cakes are not going to rise. Please can you tell me that they will or how can I ensure that they will. It is keeping me awake at night.

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  • Christmas Turkey

    I'm making Christmas dinner this year, except that I'm cooking it on Boxing Day. Have you got any tips for soaking the turkey?

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  • Baked Cheesecake Tasting "Eggy"

    When I make baked cheesecake it tastes of egg, what am I doing wrong?

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  • Pavlovas and Chocolate Mini Pavlovas

    I've just made Nigella's Pavlova. This is not the first time. Usually it comes out great. This time though I've used fructose instead of caster sugar for health purpose and the meringue caramelized and is still soft. Can you explain? thanks for helping !  

    I adore Nigella's Chocolate Pavlova - it is an absolute favourite in my home and my go-to dessert for get-togethers and parties. I would dearly like to make it in to little mini pavlovas (one bite size) for an impending event and am wondering if you might be able to give me some advice on cooking times so I still achieve that wonderful chewy centre and gorgeous crunchy exterior. Thanks so much. Tash.

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  • Flour for Venetian Carrot Cake.

    Hello! I would like to use flour instead of ground almonds for the Venetian Carrot Cake (Kitchen, p278). It is possible? If so, then what amount of flour should I use? And if it is not possible then can you give me a carrot cake recipe but without any alcohol?

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