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Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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  • Lemon Meringue Cake

    Dear Team Nigella, I have made Nigella's Lemon Meringue Cake (from Feast) on a number of occasions and love it. I would like to have it as dessert for a dinner party but don't have time to make it on the day. Can I make it a few days before and keep it in the fridge, or is it freezable (without the cream)? Thanks for your help, Paula3.

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  • Mountain Macaroni

    I've seen Nigella tweet yummy looking pictures of something she calls Mountain Macaroni, but I can't seem to find the recipe on the website. Is it under a different name?

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  • Single Servings

    Hi Nigella, I am a single man but I love to follow your recipes. However most of them are for more than 1 person. I know how to reduce the quantity of the ingredients but do I need to alter the cooking time?

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  • Chocolate Couverture

    I often see oval chocolate discs used by professional chefs on TV to melt for chocolate couverture, etc. I've generally used bar chocolate, but think using these could be useful for measuring out small quantities. Do you know what brand of chocolate discs is used (they all seem to use the same one) and where it could be sourced?

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  • Chorizo For Quick Chilli

    Dear Nigella team, I have a question about chorizo. In the Quick Chilli recipe in Nigella Express (p.236), Nigella mentions using chorizo sausage but not the salami sort. I was wondering what she means by this? I'm living in Holland and I've only managed to find one sort of chorizo, which is the dried one, similar to salami. Is this the wrong one? Thank you!

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  • Vegetarian Substitutes For Pancetta & Chorizo

    Hi Team Nigella! I have become a vegetarian and there are only two things I miss now that I only cook vegetarian food - chorizo and pancetta. I used to love pancetta in carbonara, and chorizo in peperonata, in a ramekin and baked in the oven with an egg. What spices or other flavourings could be used to bring as much of the flavour as possible that these two meat products used to provide? Thanks! Carolyn.

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  • Baking On Multiple Racks

    Hi, I use a convection oven with a fan. I have read on the internet that cakes can be baked on multiple racks of such an oven at the same time without affecting the texture of the cakes. I just wanted to know whether that is true? If not, please suggest an alternative solution to baking cakes on more than one rack in the oven. Thanks, Pooja

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  • Corn-Shaped Cornbread

    Hi! A number of years ago Nigella did a recipe for cornbread and used a baking tin that was in the shape of approx 6 half corn cobs. Any ideas where I could obtain the tin? Thanks

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