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Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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  • Chocolate Fruit Cake Without Alcohol And Smaller

    Can you suggest a non-alcoholic alternative to Tia Maria in the Chocolate Fruit Cake please?  

    Hi, I was thinking of making 2 smaller cakes this year rather than one large Chocolate Fruit Cake - one for work and one for home. Could you advise what size tin would be appropriate and the approximate cooking time? P.S I love this cake! Many thanks, Christie.

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  • Turkey Breast Stuffed With Sausage

    Hello, In the Turkey Breast Stuffed With Italian Sausage And Cranberries  recipe Nigella suggests "Mostarda di Cremona". I have found it with another word after it which indicates what fruit it is made with. Recipes seem to be very few and far between. Some have 1/2 a fruit, e.g. apricot size, others have a small chunk similar to the size of glace pineapple and the jars give the impression of a relish or chutney size of fruit. I would like to know more about this and whether Nigella has a preferred recipe. Thanks, Nichola

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  • More Christmas Pudding Queries

    It's my first time making the Ultimate Christmas Pudding and I want to use some prunes soaked in armagnac that I brought back from France, and use the armagnac they're soaked in for the fruit instead of the Pedro Ximenez. The only thing is the armagnac is a lot less sweet that this sherry - any advice on how much extra dark muscavado sugar to add to compensate? Thanks.  

    Hi, I will be making the Ultimate Christmas Pudding with vegetable shortening. I was just wondering what breadcrumbs you use, fresh homemade or the dry breadcrumbs out of a packet? Just asking as there is a vast difference in the dryness & I want it to turn out perfect especially with my very yummy sherry I'm going to use. Many Thanks

    I poured the vodka into the pudding mixture instead of keeping it for flaming the pudding. What will happen after 5 hours steaming? Should I make a new pudding?

    I made the lovely Ultimate Christmas Pudding pudding - my first ever! I am so excited to taste it. But I was reading the last paragraph in the instructions (yes, I should have done this first) and Nigella is talking about heating the vodka to light the pudding! If I was supposed to exclude it in the ingredients what will happen to my puddings? Help!

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  • Party Popcorn As A Gift

    Hi! I would like to make the Party Popcorn (from Nigella Express) and give as homemade gifts for Christmas. Do you have an idea of how log it would last if decanted into cellophane bags. Or would this not be recommended? Many Thanks.

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  • Reindeer and Tree Cake Decorations

    Could you tell me where I can find the deers and trees that are placed on Nigella's Sticky Gingerbread please?

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  • Texture Of Ultimate Christmas Pudding

    I have just made the Ultimate Christmas Pudding and given it it's first 5 hour steaming and am concerned that it hasn't risen much and looks pretty solid. Is this ok? I don't know if I have done something wrong, I followed the recipe exactly.

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  • Microwave Reheating Christmas Pudding

    A friend has requested that I make her your Nonconfirmist Christmas Pudding (from Feast) but it would be easier if she could use a microwave in Christmas Day rather than steaming it. What do I need to do if anything to adapt the recipe and how long and what power would she need to use? Thanks Chrissie.  

    Can you recommend if the Ultimate Christmas Pudding can be microwaved on Christmas Day if I steam it for the full length of time beforehand; and if so how long would be a suitable time without ruining the pudding? I wouldn't usually ask, but I will be at the parents this year and they have very limited space. therefore I will not be my Mum's favourite person if I turn up and commandeer an area of her kitchen for approx 3hrs to steam the Christmas pudding!

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  • Liquid In Ultimate Christmas Pudding

    I have just finished the first 5 hour steaming for the ultimate Christmas pudding but there seems to be cooking liquids left in the pudding basin. Will these be re-absorbed into the pudding? Other than this extra liquid it looks cooked. Thanks.

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