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Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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Latest Queries

  • Tortillas In Mexican Scrambled Eggs

    What is a corn tortilla? I want to make the Mexican Scrambled Eggs but the ingredients include corn tortillas. What are these? I'm from India, where can they be found?

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  • Nigella's Chopping Board

    Hola! I am particularly in awe of the black chopping board that Nigella has used on her shows. In particular in Nigella Kitchen. What type of chopping board is it? Hope you can help me. Thank you. April

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  • Flourless Chocolate Orange Cake

    Can I cook the oranges and then freeze the oranges or the pulp. I will be making a 3 course dinner for at least 50 people in a domestic kitchen, I plan to make 5 cakes and am trying to spread the load. Ta, Jo

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  • Vodka Marinade For Steak

    would the vodka marinade for Vodka Marinated Steak be good for let's say, skirt steak or london broil? Can we then "cook" marinade to use as sauce over grilled meat?

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  • Gooey Chocolate Stack

    Hello, I tried to make the Gooey Chocolate Stack from the book How To Be A Domestic Goddess. My copy is a Dutch edition. I followed the steps in the book to make the merengue parts. They failed, they did not rise and the "cream" wich needed to be diveded in three layers sunk when I added the cocoa and red wine vinegar. I looked up the recipe on the website and I noticed that the ingredients are different in quantity. In my book it says 100 grams of sugar and on the website it says 300 grams of sugar. Is that why my layers failed? Do I need to check all of the recipes on the website? I hope to hear from you, Greetings Davy Storms

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  • Tiramisini Without Alcohol

    I wanted to try making the Tiramisini for my cooking homework but I am not allowed to take wine into school so I was just wondering if could use vanilla essence or if there is anything else I could use? Thank you.

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  • Sauce For Honey Cake

    In the photograph of Nigella's Honey Cake what is the topping made of? Is it golden syrup and butter?

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  • Golden Syrup For Chocolate Meringue Truffle Cake

    Is there a substitute for the golden syrup in thie Chocolate Meringue Truffle Cake recipe?

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