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Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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  • Traditional Christmas Cake

    Hello, I am planning to make Traditional Christmas Cake from Nigella Christmas. The book suggests that I can make the cake 6 weeks ahead. Is it okay if I start earlier, maybe mid of October. Also, at what frequency shall I feed my cake. I live in a tropical climate - Western India. The current temperature here is 28C with a 54% humidity. Will alcohol feeding be enough to keep my cake fresh in this climate, or, I should take some extra measures, as well? Thank you, Neha.  

    Hi there. Have just made several small Christmas cakes from Nigella's Traditional Christmas Cake recipe - the one that boils the fruit in bourbon and soaks overnight. With so much alcohol and fruit I'm surprised to see it says it keeps for 6 weeks in a tin but it can be frozen. Do I need to freeze it to keep it fresh until Christmas? Will it last in a tin, unfrozen, for more than 6 weeks? Never frozen a rich fruit cake before but this one doesn't look as dark as ones I usually make so wondering how to store!!! Thanks!

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  • Spruced Up Vanilla Cake

    I've made the Spruce Up Vanilla Cake successfully twice. Only I have a small problem - I used a fine silicone spray for the tin and this helped the cake turn out of the tin easily, but when I dusted it with the icing sugar it very quickly disappeared into the cake surface hence proud moment turned into dismay! I had to keep dusting it just before presentation to guests. It wasn't so bad using a light spray but more difficult to turn out. The recipe does say to butter the mould - would this really solve the problem?

    Hello, I made the Spruced-Up Vanilla Cake for my Mum's birthday but it was inedible. The cake skewer came out clean and it was a good colour on the outside but when I cut into it, it was solid. I checked the recipe and saw that there was bicarb in the ingredients but not in the method. I hadn't included it in the cake as I followed the method to the letter. Is that an error in the book? Should it have gone in the cake? 

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  • Apricot Almond Cake

    Hi, Could you please advise on which brand of polenta to use for the Apricot Almond Cake with Rosewater and Cardamom? I have never cooked/baked with polenta so not sure which one to use that is 'fine polenta' and not 'instant polenta' as per the recipe. Can't wait to bake this recipe!! Thank you. Ale

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  • Girdlebuster Pie Ingredients

    Hello, I would like to bake Girdlebuster Pie but, living in Italy, I cannot find some typical ingredients: double cream and golden syrup. I would like to ask how should I replace them. For instance, to use mascarpone cheese instead of double cream and honey instead of golden syrup? These changes will affect the taste of the pie? Thanks for the help and goodbye!

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  • Chocolate Malteser Cake In Advance

    I need to make the Chocolate Malteser Cake 2 days in advance. I would store in air tight tin and can ice it nearer the time. Will it still be fresh after two days? Thanks, Bronwyn

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  • Mini Lemon Polenta Cakes

    Do you think the Lemon Polenta Cake recipe will work for very small cakes, such as using a 12-cake fluted cake pan. I was concerned they might be too light to get them out the pan?

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  • Chocolate Fruit Cake In Bundt Tin

    Would I be able to make the Chocolate Fruit Cake recipe in my 10-cup bundt tin rather than the usual round tin? If so, how should I line it?

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  • Coconut Butter

    Hi can you tell me where I can buy coconut butter, I have tried making it but can't get it very smooth thanks

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