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Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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Latest Queries

  • Ham Rind And Cooking Liquid

    Hi, I'm going to try the Ham In Coca Cola for the first time but I'm confused as what to do with the skin. It says to remove the skin then it says to put the black treacle over the bark-budded skin but doesn't say what to do with it afterwards? "Then remove the skin, leaving a thin layer of fat. Score the fat with a sharp knife to make fairly large diamond shapes, and stud each diamond with a clove. Then carefully spread the treacle over the bark-budded skin, taking care not to dislodge the cloves" Sorry, just a little confused. Jason.

    Can I freeze the coke liquid I cooked my ham in? I was thinking of using it for spare ribs. Any suggestions? Many thanks. Have a wonderful new year. Fluffycat1.

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  • Caramelised Topping On Creme Brulee

    Hi, I made Nigella's Creme Brulee last night and would like to get ahead. I plan to eat it tonight, can I put the sugar on top and caramalise it this morning, then put it into the fridge until later?

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  • Substitute For Sherry Vinegar

    I would like to make Nigella's Lentil And Walnut Salad from Nigella Express but was wondering if I could substitute something else for the sherry vinegar in the dressing. Would red wine vinegar work?

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  • Freezing Irish Cream Tiramisu

    Loved the Irish Cream Tiramisu recipe, is it suitable for freezing?  

    Hello, can I freeze the Irish Cream Tiramisu? Many thanks, Suelu.

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  • Chocolate Chip Cookies With A Hand Mixer

    I would like to make Nigella's Chocolate Chip Cookies, but I don't have a stand mixer. So I would like to know if I can use a hand mixer to mix the dough? Thanks.

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  • Baking Chocolate Mousse Cake

    Hi. Is it possible to cook the Chocolate Mousse Cake in a 12 hole silicone baking tray? If so, how long would they take to cook? Thanks

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  • Flat Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake

    I made the Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake twice in one day trying to get the perfect cake for my sons 13th birthday. Both times the cakes turned out very flat and dense. Measured all ingrediants using scales and cooked as per reciepe! Everyone else seems to have success with this cake - any ideas what I am doing wrong?!

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  • Smoked Fish In Nursery Fish Pie

    I dont have access to smoked fish meat that is used in the Nursery Fish Pie. Can I use unsmoked/raw fish?

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