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Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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  • Dense Easy Almond Cake

    I've made the Easy Almond  Cake quite a few times. Initially it was absolutely delish, light and fluffy texture with a good marizpan flavour. But of late it's becoming too dense and well not light and fluffy at all. I thought I could be over beating it so I was very conscious not to do so today, but cake is so dense and eggy. Any advice?

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  • Cappuccino Pavlova Separating

    Hello - sooo frustrated! I made the Cappuccino Pavlova, whisking the egg whites succesfully into soft peaks and as soon as I added the sugar and espresso powder the mixure goes into a sloppy mess which will not turn. I am using an electric whisk and ensuring the whites at are a soft peak before I introduce the sugar/espresso powder by each spoonfull whilst whisking. Any help would be appreciated.  

    I am just wondering if you can use duck egg whites for the Cappuccino Pavlova. Can you confirm?

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  • Pastry In A Food Processor

    Hi, I have never made pastry in food processor before, always by hand. I would like to have a go, using the Star-Topped Mince Pie recipe, but a bit scared. Do I use normal blade for this process or adifferent one? Thanks.

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  • Soaking Slow Cooked Black Treacle Ham

    I want to try the Slow-Cooked Treacle Ham. I have a smoked gammon and wondered whether I needed to boil or soak it first to stop it being too salty. I have cooked it in a slow cooker before and not soaked it and it was horrible as it was so salty.

    Hi, I made a ham over Christmas, and it tasted great at first but now it seems to be tasting saltier each day. Before I baked it in the oven I boiled it to get rid of the salt. What did I do wrong? Thanks Deb

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  • Slow Cookers

    Hello, I purchased Simply Nigella and would love to try some of the slow cooker recipes. I can't find reference to what size slow cooker Nigella uses. I don't want it to be too big. I'm only cooking for 2 usually, but would like to freeze larger portions and occasionally cook for company, yet 6.5L seems far too big. Advice please! Best regards, Louise.

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  • Chocolate And Blackcurrant Liquorice Cake

    I am hoping to try baking the Chocolate and Liquorice cake featured on Episode 5 of Simply Nigella but did not see the recipe posted on the BBC website. Can you point me towards it? Also I am looking for the liquorice powder here in the US. Any tips where to find it and what type to use? Many thanks, AJC.

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  • Anglo Italian Trifle

    I recently made the Anglo-Italian Trifle, which was delicious. However the taste of amaretto from the biscuits was perhaps a little too strong. Could I maybe substitute some of the the biscuits for a plain or ginger biscuit? Would the mixture of the amaretto and ginger flavours work well together? I would appreciate your comments. Many thanks Kate

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  • Breakfast Banana Bread

    I made the Breakfast Banana Bread but why did it ooze while baking? It kept oozing mixture out of the side of the tin, and it was under baked all round the edges after I had covered it in foil and given it another 20 minutes. I used cacao nibs, rather than cocoa ones but found that they were intrusively crunchy. Would chopped dark chocolate have been better? I used caster and dark muscovado rather than light muscovado. I mixed everything in a freestanding mixer but from previous experience banana bread does not seem to like being beaten a lot it in the main bowl.  I was also wondering if I can add spices to the carrot muffins? I love the book, Simply Nigella. I am a fan! 

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