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Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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Latest Queries

  • Tropical Chocolate Cake Refrigeration and Rum

    I would like to know if Nigella's Tropical Chocolate Cake can be kept in fridge? Thank you.  

    Is there a good substitute for rum in the Tropical Chocolate Cake? Thanks, abidfatima

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  • Courgette Cake With Marrows

    I have a glut of rather large marrows and would like to use these as a substitute for courgettes in Flora's Courgette Cake. Obviously I have to peel it because the skin is too thick to be edible, but could you tell me if it would work as well as the normal courgettes would? Thanks

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  • Metric vs Imperial For Nigella Books

    Hi Nigella and Team! I have just got my copy of How to be a Domestic Goddess from a UK based online store and it turns out it is the American Version that I have received. I have since realised that there is a white cover copy that is in metric and black cover copy that is in imperial. I was wondering if this is the same for all of Nigella's other books? Is there a way to differentiate metric vs imperial if the website does not state it? I would really appreciate your help, as I would like to expand my collection of Nigella books! Kind regards, Amelia

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  • Adapting The Buttermilk Birthday Cake

    Hi! I would like to use the Buttermilk Birthday Cake recipe for my dad's 70th. He loves coffee cake and I wondered if I might be able to adapt the cake to add the coffee flavour without making the mix too runny? Can you advise? Thanks.   

    The Buttermilk Birthday Cake is a great recipe and I would like to make a chocolate version of it. Would you suggest adding cocoa powder or melted chocolate? What quantity of cocoa powder or melted chocolate would you advise and would I then have to reduce the quantity of any other ingredients in the recipe? Many thanks, Deane-Mae

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  • Silver Dollar American Pancakes

    What is the size of the silver-dollar-sized pancakes referred to in Nigella's American Pancake recipe?

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  • Guinness Cake Using Melted Chocolate

    I have made the Chocolate Guinness Cake using dark chocolate instead of cocoa powder. The cake turns out fine but its a bit dry and not moist. Please help?

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  • Cocktail Sausages

    I'd love to make the sticky Cocktail Sausages for my kids but one if my sons is highly allergic to sesame seeds. What alternative oil could I use without spoiling the taste? Many thanks! Hayley.

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  • Chocolate Topping Turning White

    I often make Millionaire's Shortbread (aka Caramel Creams) - a shortbread base, caramel in the middle and melted chocolate on top. Sometimes, but not always, the chocolate becomes speckled with white spots. The ones I made this week became speckled within a day or two, so it isn't because they are old. The taste is fine - but they look dreadful! What on earth am I doing wrong? I would be grateful for your help. Many thanks, Marie.

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