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Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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  • Ingredient Clarification For Blackberry Galette

    For this month's cookalong, the crust calls for polenta, as a "dry ingredient". The only form I've been able to find polenta is in a tube, and it is already moist. Is the goal for the recipe to just use truly dry cornmeal, or should I use the moister prepared polenta?

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  • Keeping Clementine Cake

    Thie Clementine Cake is wonderful, but I want to know whether it has gone off or not. Can you help?  

    I have made the Clementine Cake from How To Eat several times, and shared the recipe with friends who loved it. However, we find it tends to go mouldy incredibly quickly - overnight if kept at room temperature. Just wondering if anyone else has had problems? We usually try to gobble it all up in one sitting now as it's too much of a waste otherwise! Anngus.

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  • Icing For Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake

    Hi I was just wondering if I could use the best quality milk chocolate for the icing instead of Dark Chocolate? I want to make the cake for my mum's birthday and she isn't keen on dark chocolate so will it still be good or would it be best to stick with the recommended dark chocolate in this recipe?

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  • Pastry Case For Tarts

    Hi, I'm sure this is answered in one of Nigella's books but I can't find it for the life of me. Is it okay to roll out shortcrust pastry into the tart tin for Rhubarb Tart and leave it to chill overnight? I'm sure the answer is yes so long as it's well covered in clingfilm but wanted to double check. Thanks!

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  • Icing and Freezing Lemon Polenta Cake

    I've just eaten my first Lemon Polenta Cake and it was probably the best cake I have ever eaten. It was iced too. Could you suggest an icing topping as I would like to use Nigella's Lemon Polenta Cake recipe. Many thanks, Sarah  

    The Lemon Polenta Cake is absolutely delicious especially with creme fraiche! Does it freeze well?

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  • Chocolate Quadruple Loaf Cake Domed Top

    I have the same query as others with this cake: the cake is lovely and moist, but too crumbly and my cake domed and cracked. One of the other posters substituted egg, however I haven't done this. Additionally, after making this cake three times, I checked my oven temperature and all my ingredients were measured accurately. All ingredients were at room temperature too. Which leaves 'something' to with the mixing of the batter. Nigella uses a food processor, however I don't have one big enough, so I used my freestanding mixer. Could this be the problem? I don't think I over mixed. I'm quite careful not to. Or maybe that's the problem?. 

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  • Buttermilk For Chocolate Sheet Cake

    Can I use 125ml of buttermilk for the new Chocolate Sheet Cake recipe, rather than the milk/vinegar option in the recipe? Many thanks.

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  • How Much Is A Pinch Of Salt

    Hello, I'm planning to bake Nigella's Everyday Brownies and the recipe calls for a "pinch of salt". How much exactly is a "pinch"? Is it literally the tiny amount I pick up with my thumb and forefinger? And does this small amount of salt make a difference to the final product, or can I not use it at all? Thanks!

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