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Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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  • Chocolate Guinness Wedding Cake

    Hi, I am getting married in Italy in July and I would like to have the Chocolate Guinness Cake as my wedding cake. I really need help with scaling the recipe for a 3 tier cake for 80 people. I would also like to have each tier divided into 2 layers with a filling in the middle. Since the cake is pretty moist, should I add more flour to be able to do it? Many thanks for your help. Kind Regards Chiara

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  • Salted Peanut Bars

    Hi, I just saw Nigella making those wonderful Salted Peanut bars on TV. Can you tell me in ounces or grams how much butter I should use? I'm having a girls night in and think they will love them. Thank you from Angela in Ireland

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  • Music On Nigella's Shows

    Was a CD or something similar ever released with all the songs used in the Nigella 'Christmas' TV series? I've found a list of the songs used on the Flashback TV website, but I would rather just download or purchase them all as a whole. I love those songs. Thanks in advance. Zoe.

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  • Halloween Party Food

    Hi Team Nigella, I'm hosting a Halloween Party this year and was wondering if you could suggest any recipes or dishes that will please both children and adults alike? Thanks!

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  • Kitchen Utensil Storage

    I was looking for something similar to Nigella's magnetic bar or the rod with hooks for utensils and can't find anything in the Kitchen Kit section. Can you suggest some sources?

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  • Coffee Ice Cream with Whipping Cream

    I live in Indonesia and we don't have double cream, only whipping cream. After searching everywhere, the only thing I found was a little jar of Devon Double Cream, but it seems very thick and not whippable. I attempted to make Nigella's No Churn Coffee Ice Cream and quite failed. The condensed milk and whipping cream just wouldn't whip up at all. I tried adding a little of the Devon Double Cream, hoping it would help with the process but didn't work either. So all I got was some cream with some air bubbles, that's it. So any way of subtituting the double cream or working a way around it? And how can I whip whipping cream with vanilla extract? It will still whip but really takes a long time and is not as firm as without vanilla extract. Thank you.

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  • Alternative to Ground Almonds Nuts

    My husband and son are both allergic to nuts - what can I use in cakes in place of ground almonds to give the same type of texture? I have tried flour in many recipes and it doesn't seem to work properly. Thanks.   

    As many of Nigella's recipes contain nuts (eg the pesto with almonds and the pudding with hazelnuts in the recent TV show), is there anything that could be used instead for those with a nut allergy? It seems a shame to miss out on what seems a very easy recipe. Is it possible for a footnote at the end of the recipes in future to give alternatives for nut allergy sufferers? It seems that the current trend is to put nuts in everything so surely there must be a general ingredient to offer crunch without anaphylaxsis!

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  • Nigella's Stick Blender

    Where can I find the stick blender that Nigella uses for small amounts please? It looks rather like a stick blender which fits into a base unit. I got rid of my old stick blender as I felt very vulnerable using an unprotected blade but Nigella's blender looks like the answer to my problem. I would be very grateful for your help with this. Thank you. Patricia.  

    What make was the blender that Nigella used to make the pesto for the spelt spaghetti sauce? It looked great. I want to buy one. Valshaw.  

    Please could you let me know what make the mini chopper/blender is that Nigella uses in her current TV programme? It is black in colour and looks very efficient - she used it when making the sauce for her spelt pasta. Thanks so much. Forever Young.  

    Hi there, what is the chopping/blending machine nigella used tonight for the anchovy and spelt pasta recipe? Thanks, Gay.

    I notice that Nigella in this TV series is using an electrical appliance which looks like a stick liquidiser. I have not seen one like it anywhere and I wondered what it was? Carole Cox.

    Would somebody recommend a good miniblender. What make does Nigella use for blending sauces? Eleanor8Dog

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