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Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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  • Nigella's Stick Blender

    Where can I find the stick blender that Nigella uses for small amounts please? It looks rather like a stick blender which fits into a base unit. I got rid of my old stick blender as I felt very vulnerable using an unprotected blade but Nigella's blender looks like the answer to my problem. I would be very grateful for your help with this. Thank you. Patricia.  

    What make was the blender that Nigella used to make the pesto for the spelt spaghetti sauce? It looked great. I want to buy one. Valshaw.  

    Please could you let me know what make the mini chopper/blender is that Nigella uses in her current TV programme? It is black in colour and looks very efficient - she used it when making the sauce for her spelt pasta. Thanks so much. Forever Young.  

    Hi there, what is the chopping/blending machine nigella used tonight for the anchovy and spelt pasta recipe? Thanks, Gay.

    I notice that Nigella in this TV series is using an electrical appliance which looks like a stick liquidiser. I have not seen one like it anywhere and I wondered what it was? Carole Cox.

    Would somebody recommend a good miniblender. What make does Nigella use for blending sauces? Eleanor8Dog

    From the nigella team:

    The black stick or hand blender used by Nigella is the Cusinart CSB77. Nigella has owned this for some time and unfortunately it is now no longer available in the UK. It can be bought in the US but now only in a brushed steel finish. We would caution on importing one from the UK to the US as the difference in electricity currents between the UK and the US mean that you would also need to buy a "step down" power converter unit to operate the blender.

    There are however many stick blenders available in both the UK and the US and you should look for one that suits your needs and budget. The power of the motor is one of the most important factors. A higher wattage will mean a more powerful motor and a blender that has faster turning blades (so makes quicker work of larger volumes). However a higher wattage will be more expensive so you may prefer to go for a lower wattage if you are only blending small amounts of food. Most hand blenders are in the 400W to 800W range. Many models now have buttons offering two speeds though this is not essential. Blenders have a "wand" section with the blade attached on the end (the official term for this is "leg") which can be made of stainles steel or plastic. Steel is more durable but plastic will be cheaper so you may want to consider the frequency and nature of use before deciding on the best material. 

    Try to pick up the blender and make sure you can hold it comfortably. The main handle shouldn't be too large or heavy for you. If you are only using the blender for small quantities then make sure that the blade isn't too rasied up as it needs to be submerged to liquidize effectively.Most stick blenders come with a jug and some come as kits with mini chopper and whisk attachments. For the chopper attachments we would suggest that you check how easy they are to take to pieces and clean.

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