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  • Preserved Lemons

    Where in the United States can I find preserved lemons? I would like to make some Moroccan dishes but need preserved lemons. I live in California

    From the nigella team:

    Preserved lemons can usually be bought on-line (a suggestion is below but other sources are available) or it is worth trying Middle Eastern grocery stores if there are any in your area. Some Farmers' Markets in Southern California also sell preserved lemons.

    It is also relatively easy to make your own preserved lemons as the only ingredients you need are lemons and salt - there are several recipes in Middle Eastern recipe books and on-line. The lemons are cut up and packed in salt and lemon juice in a jar. The jar is stored at room temperature for a week and shaken daily then transferred to the fridge for a month to "mature". The preserved lemons also keep for up to a year in the fridge as the salt and acud both act as good preservatives.

    We would also suggest considering the Lime Pickles recipe from Domestic Goddess (p361). The limes are salted and then packed in spiced oil and left for around 3 weeks. They could be used in cooking and are also excellent as an accompaniments to cheese and cold cuts.


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