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  • maple cheesecake - clingfilm/plastic wrap

    please where can I buy ovenproof cling film I've tried lakeland and john lewis and no one seems to have heard about it

    From the nigella team:

    The best type of clingfilm (plastic wrap) to use is the type that can be used in a microwave, it will shrink slightly with the heat but should not melt. However as the clingfilm is on the outside of the tin and the bain marie (water bath) ensures that the heat is fairly gentle, most brands of clingfilm should be suitable in this recipe.

    The main purpose of wrapping the springform tin (pan) is to form a waterproof seal around the tin, to ensure that water does not leak from the water bath into the cheesecake as it cooks. If you are concerned about using clingfilm in the oven then replace the two layers of clingfilm with foil - making 4 layers of foil in total. Make sure that you wrap the base of the tin with overlapping layers and ensure all open edges are scrunched tightly to seal.

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