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Welcome to Kitchen Queries, where the nigella.com team will answer your cooking or food related questions.  We’d love you to submit some of your recipe problems, dilemmas or queries for us to get our teeth into!

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  • Royal Wedding Party Food

    What would you recommend for a party to celebrate the Royal Wedding? (Celebrating in Australia)

    From the nigella team:

    The forthcoming Royal Wedding will have a canape reception followed by a smaller dinner in the evening. The menus are being kept secret but we do know that it will include a Chocolate Biscuit Cake and Nigella has a recipe for this cake in Nigella Express (p258) and a variation in Christmas (p28). Trifles are also considered quintessentially British and Nigella has traditional trifle recipes in How to eat (p123) and Christmas (p42).

    Coronation Chicken - a salad of chicken dressed with a lightly curried mayonnaise - is a dish often associated with Royal events and was created by Constance Spry and Rosemary Hume for the banquet that followed the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953. There are many recipes and variations of the dish on-line and you should be able to find one to suit your own tastes.

    Beyond this it depends upon your preference for a hot or cold menu but most commentators believe that the food served on the day will showcase the best of British produce. For a cold menu you could offer sandwiches such as traditional cucumber or the poached salmon sandwiches from Feast (p435). For hot food many are tipping lamb to make an appearance as the couple have strong links with Wales where lamb is a traditional meat. Try a slow roasted shoulder of lamb, such as the one in Kitchen (p396) or for smaller numbers lamb cutlets (Frenched lamb chops) are an easy choice, such as the grilled cutlets from How to Eat (p469 - a recipe which although listed for children is popular with adults too) or the cutlets with redcurrant and mint in Kitchen (p67).

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