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When making the delicious rice crispies squares (Nigella Expresss) it is a lot easier to use neutral veggie oil (e.g. sunflower)…

"Posted by Kerstin"

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Because of its volume, sea salt seems to be less salty than table salt when used in cooking. If replacing sea salt with…

"Posted by Hettie"

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Rectifying Boo Boos

If you've overdone the chilli squeeze in half a lemon them place the lemon in and leave for a few mins

"Posted by Rhyleysgranny"

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General Tips

When you have too many plastic containers that all look the similar (like I do), I get a permanent marker and put either…

"Posted by Hettie"

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Household Tips

Try vinegar as a substitute for fabric softener - especially for undies as fabric softener is bad for elastics, but vinegar…

"Posted by AnLi"

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Kitchen Maintenance & Clean Up

To clean a granite pestle and morter leave half a lemon and boiling water in it overnight

"Posted by KitchenGoddess"

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A Rough Guide To Meat

Rare beef needs 15 minutes per 500g at 220°C. Add 5 minutes per 500g for medium, 10 minutes per 500g for well-done.

"Posted by Nigella"

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Chef Maintenance

Cold used tea bags or slices of cucumber placed on the eye lids to take away tired and achey eyes.

"Posted by Crafty Cookie"

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