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There's no such thing as too much baking spray!

"Posted by samd"

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Because of its volume, sea salt seems to be less salty than table salt when used in cooking. If replacing sea salt with…

"Posted by Hettie"

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Rectifying Boo Boos

If you accidently add too much salt to a stew or something, put in a whole potato, peeled, and remove once the stew is done…

"Posted by baby cakes"

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General Tips

A pineapple is ripe if you can easily pull a leaf out of the top

"Posted by katea"

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Household Tips

Bicarb of soda to get rid of smells, clean the loo, all sorts of uses

"Posted by Hettie"

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Kitchen Maintenance & Clean Up

Do you want eliminate the bad smells in your fridge? Simple put a little container with some bicarbonate of soda and bad…

"Posted by Curlylu"

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A Rough Guide To Meat

Lamb needs 20 minutes per 500g at 200°C to make it pink but not rare. If you want your lamb better cooked, add another…

"Posted by Hettie"

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Chef Maintenance

To clear greasy skin: Beat loose some egg white, apply to skin, allow to dry. The tightening of the egg whites feels horrid…

"Posted by Edda"

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