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My mother always uses water that is around (or at) room temperature when she is baking something that uses yeast. In fact,…

"Posted by Edda"

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In cooking a tablespoon is not a serving implement but a precise measurement. If it helps, think of a tablespoon as 3 teaspoons…

"Posted by Hettie"

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Rectifying Boo Boos

Grow an aloe vera plant on your kitchen windowsill. When you burn yourself snap a bit off and squeeze juice on burn. It…

"Posted by Rhyleysgranny"

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General Tips

Slice and freeze the green parts of leeks if not using with the whites - use later in soups, sauces, etc

"Posted by margie"

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Household Tips

Bicarbonate of soda: Deodorizer. When mixed with water produces an alkaline solution that dissolves dirt and grease. Use…

"Posted by KitchenGoddess"

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Kitchen Maintenance & Clean Up

When cooking something that can cause odours in the kitchen, for example, oven baked fish or a lamb shoulder, place a pierced…

"Posted by Nancy"

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A Rough Guide To Meat

Rare beef needs 15 minutes per 500g at 220°C. Add 5 minutes per 500g for medium, 10 minutes per 500g for well-done.

"Posted by Nigella"

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Chef Maintenance

A very good pep-up mask for dull, tired hair is a mask made of 1 part vodka, 2 parts mayo. Or: 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon whiskey,…

"Posted by Edda"

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